The purpose of which this organization has been organized is twofold.

  • Provide scholarships, grants, etc. to students which the organization deems worthy of the same for purposes of assisting them in furthering their education.
  • Provide financial and other assistance to educational institutions at all levels.

Implicit in this purpose is the sponsorship of community activities and Annual Reunion activities that will provide for the funding of scholarship and support for educational institutions.


2016 - 201 7 Goals

1.  To follow-up and provide an academic continuum of the 2012 and 2013 W.A. Pattillo National Alumni Association Scholarship recipients.

2.  To provide greater awareness to national scholarship opportunities by hosting a Scholarship Awareness Days for Juniors and Seniors students and their parents in the Edgecombe County Public School System.

3.  To conduct a full scale scholarship campaign for the 2016-17 association year that provides for every person on the database to express their desires.

4.  To conduct a full scale membership campaign for the 2016-17 association year with the goal to increase paid membership by 100% and to reorganize the Membership Committee to be reflective of the classes that have graduated.

5.  To conduct a fifth year review of the By-laws and Policies of the association and make any and all necessary adjustments to accommodate the state of the arts.

6.  To field the second year of the pilot:  Class Celebrating Its 50th Year After Graduation coordinating the Annual Reunion.

7.  To fully staff all positions in the association and rely heavily on the classes of 1970-1973.